Olelo at a Glance

Sentiment Analysis

Understand your social media audience’s sentiment at a glance


Localized Profiling & Sentiment

Conduct profiling and sentiment analysis in any language


Reach Overview

Assess your brand’s total online reach across your key social media platforms


Competitor Pagewatch

Monitor your competition’s social media performance


Page Admin Management

Manage your page’s members and more on our interface

Audience Personality Assessment

Define your audience by the Big Five Personality Traits


Real-Time* Listening

Observe your audience’s online behavior in near-real-time


Monitor Trends

Stay ahead of the trends with our word cloud analysis


Easy Implementation

Sign up for free, and monitor your page immediately


Data Export Capability

Export your brand’s data in raw form to conduct your own study

Needs and Values Assessment

Gauge your brand’s ability to provide what your audience seeks


Page Monitoring

Monitor reactions, posts, page likes, and engagements across your page


Identify Influencers

Know which influencers are the best fit for your brand


Top Mentions

See which engagements have been most valuable for your brand


Security and Privacy

Keep customer data and user’s information safe