Olelo and the Psychology of Social Media

What if we could harness the power behind the psychology of social media and use it to bring brands closer to their customers, give these customers more of what they want, and better meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of people?


In today’s market, social media noise and extraneous content is a serious problem, preventing companies from maximizing the powerful marketing medium to its full potential. Social media users have begun to show signs of ad aversion due to the prevalence of sponsored advertising, creating a barrier between brands and their target audiences.

There needs to be a shift in how brands approach the social media game, and companies need a way to discover what drives their market, a way to cut through the useless noise and engage their audience.

Olelo is a startup that helps businesses understand online conversations and transform them into actionable insights and meaningful conversions.

Founded by experts in Big Data, Marketing, and Behavioral Psychology, Olelo was built to remove the guesswork involved in maximizing social media, and helps brands know an audience’s behaviours, needs, and values.

By marrying the power of technology and human insight with its unique technologies, advanced algorithms, and modern data science, Olelo constructs an in-depth analysis of social media presence, and compare it to an analysis of the media’s audience. This analysis is completely GDPR compliant, and was developed using the Big Five personality traits.


The Big Five framework assesses a subject according to five major traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotional Range. Olelo scans an audience’s engagements with a brand, and through its proprietary algorithms, measures that audience’s traits across the Big Five factors. Through these measures, Olelo provides brands with insight on how best to engage their audiences, and what types of content to produce to best meet their audience’s values.


With Olelo, big data and audience analysis is now within easy reach of personal brands and small companies, with a suite of services available for free, making it a perfect equalizer in the marketing playing field. Anyone from micro entrepreneurs to social media influencers can now monitor the pulse of their audience, and respond in a way suitable for their target market — all fully possible with Olelo’s completely free entry plan.

If you’re interested in better understanding your brand’s online audience, and deepening the impact of your messaging, sign up for a free account at www.olelohq.com.

How can YOU benefit from Olelo?

Olelo is completely scalable to meet the needs of medium and larger enterprises as well, allowing companies to operate quickly and respond to their online audiences in real-time, regardless of how large their audience may grow. Starting from $99, Olelo’s PLUS plan carries 6 months of active data analysing 2 pages.

Advertising Agencies handling multiple brands and needing to track multiple pages, Olelo offers packages to meet their needs, with analysis of up to 1 million mentions across multiple client pages. Agencies working at the PREMIUM level are guaranteed to bring greater value to their clients with real-time insights, social listening and audience profiling for all their partner brands.

Olelo has the ability to take insights deeper with their PRESTIGE package, lending their expertise in Marketing and Psychology in an even more involved capacity. Interested brands need only reach out to Olelo through their website or email (ask@olelohq.com) for a bespoke suite of customized features. Olelo’s engineers will personally assist in creating a software package that meets all specified needs. Price on request.